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Considering Church Renovation?

This website has been provided to help you and your church gain valuable information about the best possible ways to buy new church pews, church chairs, pulpit furniture, steeples, stained glass, carpets, baptisteries and other items of interest.   Whether your  project is large or small, there are things you need to know.  As Christian business men, we feel that there are some industry secrets that local churches should  be made aware of before they invest thousands of dollars. We can provide you with valuable information to help you make the best possible decisions.

What Manufacturer's don't want you to know....

There are "insider secrets" in every industry, and the church pew business (and chairs, etc) is no different from other industries.  In fact, since most folks only buy furniture one time during their lifetime, few people are interested in "revealing" what they do know.  Insider Secrets

Church Furniture Blog

Tell us about your experiences with buying church pews, church chairs, theater seating and other  church furnishings items.  Blog

Which Major Church Chair Supplier is currently in Bankruptcy?

Read about it at the Better Business Bureau website...

Warranty Info

Warranties offered by Church Furniture Manufacturer's are designed around this one very important secret..........Warranty Secrets

Church Furniture Manufacturer's List

We provide a listing of current and former manufacturer's of church pews and other furniture with contact information and in some cases pricing guides. Caution - companies are going under all the time! Pew Manufacturer List   Church Chair Suppliers  Baptistry Manufacturers

Church Furniture History

You thought last weeks sermon was boring? Furniture History

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